Been a long time good and bad

Had great times years ago warring and trying to get those unique, rare, strong characters. Weapon mods finally getting the one you want after the super elusive duct tape and polishing kits was amazing in how much more powerful it made your team.

Haven’t felt like grinding in this game even means anything anymore. All rewards are so garbage and useless for the amount of time needed to obtain them. Have used a similar team for at least 6-8 months. Really stale at this point.

Customer support has never helped me solve any issue from the history of playing this game, big or small. It’s a robotic loop of responses that really show that no one is working there and or doesn’t care. They don’t even care to read the previous tickets on the same topic most of the time.

Mhw iceborne came out and soon borderlands 3. The enjoyment (yes, actual enjoyment) from these games made me question why I still even play this game. I couldn’t think of any reason short of money spent. While the money spent is gone, I don’t want to waste anymore time “hoping” things get better in this game.

I was trying to wait until Sep 26th but there’s almost no point in logging in at this point.

Overall, this company and customer support is awful. I can’t believe they’ve made a billion in revenue and their games can be buggy for so long. It just shows lack of care. I can see where the care is - promos. That’s it. No other care. They just prey on competitiveness and addictions. Absolutely horrible.

I’ll probably stick around the forums for a good chuckle on sep 26th.

So long, thanks for all the fish!


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