Because it is almost a meme already

I just managed to pull a Blue “Road to Survival #3” Carl using league coins. (The “Carl to the museum!” card) The leader skills seem pretty decent, but has this ship sailed? Is there a good use for this Carl?

I can say at the least that he came as a 6*, so I won’t have to agonize over whether to spend resources to ascend.

If you have yellow and blue toons worth using on an attack team (no clue what your roster is like) then sure he’s still usable

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I have quite a few yellow and blue. Blues include Eric, Tyrese, Regina, Julie while yellows are Lydia, Michelle, Andrea, Charlie, Martinez, Shiva, Glenn and Tyrese.

Maine team now is mostly alert, I have been running an alt team of Michelle lead, Charlie, Zach, Martinez and Alice. Would be nice to have an alt team with more tough…to complete the “toolbox” as I have Carl for the strong/fast team.

I still use him a lot with impair on attack rifle. He seems to never get targetted and then can just rez michonne or earl who they always target

I remember spending a few Hundo on his stupid rng event and not getting him while others barely tried and hit big on the sweaters or whatever it was. When’s doc and negan being added sometime in next few months? =p I hate u scopely

I’d like to get those as well, but even those are now potentially obsolete with the introduction of S-class. If we think that Priya is bad, she’s like Rosita when she hit as the second ascendable character. Look how far things have come from then.

Forgot to add…Do have Michonne (and an Earl).

Oh yea you have some nice toons there definitely make a yellow/blue team there’s no problem with having a few different attacks for different defense matchups

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