Beating double negan pete team

Check the description
I know this isnt that much of an achievement now that theirs alot more s classes coming but for people saying payback is op it really isn’t ( week later say hello to payback rick a blue s class guarantee with every 3000 dollars you spend
Took three trys I think cus I auto the second one be mistake


problem is in war u would have been dead after this battle lol

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You got EXTREMELY lucky and had perfect RNG for this. Come back when you don’t almost lose.


The problem with this is who tf wants to spend 4 mins on a team. If i can’t get it in atleast 2 or 2 1/2 mins im out not wasting time just to brag but grats tho.

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There are some teams with Pete that are really good. With the right mods and leader, Pete is a absolute beast. Only way to take S-Class Pete out is with S-class Priya.

what an achievement. Good u took the time to record and share with us this impressive video