Beat the dead horse time

Why are people in platinum getting better arena rewards than anyone in diamond 5? How is this incentivizing people to do well in leagues? It really is a middle finger I know I’ll be dropping next league reset. Secondly, why are people getting punished for having the highest defense by not having the opportunity to face them?

do they get that?

Everyone could just put 1 trainer as defence it would just make it easier for everyone to get points so spenders got to spend more to stay ahead. Eventually it’ll all buff out.
What I want to know is why do I get attacked by people not in my league, not just the like champion one done at the end, but all like classic where you can see 1st to the last, show me being hit by people not in the scoreboard.
I noticed this today because I wanted to ask one of the 30 or so who attacked me how many points I give. Ulysses is handing out points like crazy.

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