is bear token from “hunter’s log” required to to get the bear toon for ftp?

This has been brought up a few times already. There is some speculation as to whether or not its required, however, if you read the bear journey news, it clearly states earn “up to 40” tokens. Brutus requires 40 tokens. You should do your best to claim that token if you are seriously after Brutus.

@everyone We’ve discussed your feedback as a team, regarding the Bear Paw Token offered in the Hunter’s Log and we will be adding additional opportunities to earn Bear Paw Tokens via gameplay throughout the remainder of the “A Bear’s Journey” event:

You should still try for it, because better to be safe than sorry, but it might not ruin the event for you if you miss it now


Not sure if I’m happy or annoyed by this…

Spent 300 coins on extra arrows, so run the map twice and got 142 silver. So I either didn’t need to spend the coins or I possibly buy some more to make sure I’m not in desperate need on ‘another’ opportunity :thinking:

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I bought an offer I probably wouldn’t have otherwise because of how this event is worded.

Kinda pissed about it now.

bait and switch you scopely scumbags

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Lol don’t shoot the messenger. It is what it is innit. It’s Scopely. Smh

Sounds as if it was never programmed to get the character f2p, no matter how much you grind even though they gave the impression it’s doable.

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I think it was supposed to be ‘possible’.

But now they heard the feedback and corrected to ‘probable’ if you grind out

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I had my suspicions also because of the unclear way… with Lilly event it was explicit in what you needed to do from the get go. This event wasn’t and was poorly organised as well as thought out because it is boring also and just a means to an end.

Hopefully they will learn from this, be more clear and concise with information as well as transparent from the beginning cos you do have to plan for events, manage resources etc etc and employ procedures and check to make sure events are up to scratch, if it’s meant or being suggested as being obtainable via f2p then make it clear also. Don’t waste our time

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Lol, wasn’t shooting was communal moaning :yum:

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My strategy is to complete all the roadmaps byt not the last ones until later on to see if the others are easier to achieve so then I save beehives

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well… they sell one single Bear Pawn token for more than 20 euro so they probably knew from the beginning that people would have been short of tokens by the end of the event.

will see…

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