Bear hunt ticket exchange

I have a bunch uf unused tickets and 2020 glasses and I’m not going after princess. Is it possible we can get and exchange in museum trading in glasses for Pete keys?


I mean damn all I need is 3k keys and there’s never an opportunity to get them except these bs event like SR where the whales hog everything even when they don’t need it

Yup people go for top rankings and then complain the prizes are terrible. It’s always been the same.

You won’t get much support for keys I don’t think because a lot of people already have Pete but I do think we should be able to trade excess collectibles for a choice box. Even if it’s just a small amount in the box I’d rather take that than have collectibles we’ve earned just disappear.

I think Scopely have given some hints that they would be willing to have something like this (at a sufficiently unfavorable exchange rate, I would assume). I don’t think there’s a good way to do this in the game right now - the museum requires everything to be there, so you can’t have a collection that allows exchange of any for a choice box, you would need to add an individual exchange collection for each collectible, and edit them all to update the choice boxes etc. This would make the museum even more messy than it is (and probably would get us close to the collection limit again).

Personally, I’d expect a museum rework sometime in 2020, probably in the first couple of months, and that they will address this then.

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I mean if I can get 1100 keys for everything I got I’d be happy lol at least I’d be closer to 11k but these 200 key chump change exchanges, they aren’t even worth my time or cans

Tickets can be exchanged in the museum for collectibles. I’m hoping to trade 15 in for 1,000 collectibles tomorrow.

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I think I already collected that set when the event first started lol, the tickets and red cake collection

I wish they would put another collect like that one, that would be perfect

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