Bear hunt offer

I purchased both “bear hunt” offers for 100 coins each. I opened the bags that contained “L”. It didn’t show up in my missions

Because you aren’t the first to make this mistake, here is my previous response:

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I completed them all except for one “L”. So I decided to but one of the offers. It didn’t work so I tried again. Still didn’t work.

Because you have to level up to actually get the ascend medals.

@Kanaima Thanks for answering this one :slight_smile:

but why allow 2 to be purchased hoping people fall for the scam

Two questions.

  1. Did you open the bag in your inventory that you bought so you could claim the L? That seems to be throwing a lot of people.

  2. Are you confusing the mission to level up and the mission to recieve an L? Because you will only complete the latter if you purchase the bag with an L.

No sweat. If only these events weren’t quite so convoluted, players wouldn’t get quite so confused.

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