Beanie Wool & Flak Jacket Problem


What the best strategy for used that ??? When the beanie wool and flak jacket are shorted for reward :grin::grin::grin: i must focus for t3 my 5* or t4 my 4* and then ascending my 4* to fresh 5* but the point for lvl up event is not worth it for t4 4* :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t have a shortage so you must be no good at the game.

Kidding. Have you tried farming for gear tokens on normal world maps. They tend to yield enough to keep me alive or can always spend $$$$$dd$$d


What roadmap you talking about? The only one I know of is the elite rare and that is rarer than the ultra even thou we need twice as many beanies and flaks.


i dumped 10 cans on the roadmap and only got 1 flak jacked :frowning: have over 10 etoons stuck here. Also have a silver medal problem, cant ascend anyone. I want to do some pulls but my roster is full of 3* and 4* i cant ascend.


Yeah i have 40 cans and used all for elite gear map last event and only got 1 flak jacket :joy::joy::joy: now i have 13 4* lvl 60 cant make it T4 couse i prefer used it for my 5* :laughing::laughing::laughing: scopely can u raining us with that flak jacket and beanie wool :grin::grin::grin: too many silver medal but cant used for 4* :joy::joy::joy:


In 1 of my regions I have over 60 4&5* toons in need of beanies. I have pulled at least 60 times from elite gear wheel and pulled 1 beanie, 0 flaks, and loads of 2* trainers. Trainers are useless w/o the beanies! Now milestone rewards in events, if beanies are even offered at all, are at an unreachable level for a low/mid range player. S1+ /LVL 70 Without the ability to get gear, you cannot move up nor earn the points…You just drown every event