Beacons of light

I have 8 beacons of light how does one acquire the other 2? It seems you have to pay for them.

5 from your missions and 5 from the stash

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Getting a lot of yangs can get you a CHANCE at one

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Oui pareil il m’en manque 2 et rien en vu a par payer… Encore une fois déçu. De plus la collection musée que des bidons et quelques colliers…

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Pay for it or pray for the 0.2% odds of pulling it from the Bonus Typhoon 3 collection


That seems the only way


This is a lost effort event.
Just like everyone beforehand.

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i’ve got like 6 because i can hardly be assed to try

Sitting on 9.

Seriously cba with completing that looong road map to get a pretty awful toon that won’t even make it into a 5th team. However, I wish I could complete the stash just for the sake of the remaining Lilliths and collectables.


Zhu is trash anyways…

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Voilà la blague est tombée !!!

Yup looks like you can buy 1 for 4,000 coins or take a 50/50 shot at one for $20

Of course who even knows if those are the real odds since they admitted the posted odds for cakes on the Mia wheel were incorrect

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