Beacon of Light progress?

12 days left to finish the Yin/Yang stach (200 y&y/ token)

Also 12 days (9hrs) to finish the roadmap.

So if you need 50 beacons of light and the Jianshi roadmap appears every 2 days… that means we have likely 6 left.

6 x 444 necklaces = 2,664
6 x 848 yins = 5,088 / 200 = 25.44 YingYang tokens available

I’m guessing there’s only 5 roadmaps left though :frowning: (21 more tokens )

I have 7

Also worth noting there are 4 events per week.
Maybe 7 over 12 days.

163 necklaces per event x 7 events = 1,141 necklaces left.

That’s enough to get 2.7 more runs through the RM… or about 1900 more yings OR about 9.5 more pulls from the stash.


How many more tokens do you need?:

  • 30+ …IDGAF
  • 25-29
  • 20-24
  • 15-19
  • 10-14
  • 9!
  • 5-8
  • 1-4
  • None, MF!

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Pretty certain I’m not getting Zhu. Hit all the bead milestones and held a territory the full time. Would appear he’s getting Sergioed

Not bothered though, the stash’s collectables were and are my main aim


I got him only cause I had already pre-ordered the book, but yeah it looks pretty hard to get him legit without paying or coining for offers.

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I will finish the stash, my fac held 2 of the terris and ive done the milestones so i have plenty to do the rm and should be able to finish the stash, only need like 12 more and i will be able to do the rm for Zhu but im not gonna bother tbh, i have 0 use for him and not going to use cans which will be needed to do that rm, scopely made it really easy to pass this toon up and not waste cans or buy any.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely tell scopely i said thank you for making it easy to not buy any cans to use on the Zhu roadmap :smirk:

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Even if they make the itens easily available for everybody the Zhu roadmap don’t worth the regular energy spent

Insert :credit_card: to gain your advancement. It’s the scopley way.

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Not even 1 damn open. Cause I barely play anymore. This game is BORING.

I barely had enough beads to finish the first act this time around so looks like i won’t be getting him but I really only wanted the collectables i have no use for the toon

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Beacon of bust

Real prize is the few hundred ascendance medals that aren’t worth being used for the turd of a character “prize” at the end of the roadmap

Exactly the same🤗

Walking%20Dead_2019-09-30-18-36-15 I’ll get one for the last login bonus, and then will have several more pulls to do from the stash for the other. Sad part is, all that world energy it will cost to run the roadmaps I dont have :roll_eyes:

It’s still odd they’d design a monthly event that’s impossible to finish (even if you grind your heart out)

Some basic transparency & accountability needed!



It’s been a common theme in this game this isn’t the first or be the last.

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Great way to usher in the 60day promise window!!

I take it by improved “technical stability” they mean that the cart wont fall apart not that it’s going to the wrong destination