Beacon of light P2W only?

It looks like it. I believe I have hit all the prayer beads milestones, including the 500 from the previous stash. The map that ends in a few hours takes 444 to complete and I am at 315. So either another event needs to start soon or I need to buy something from the shop.

Are my numbers right or did I miss something somewhere? I’m certainly not going to spend a dime if that is the case, better to know now though I guess.


Same here.

Solo level up will give more beads

with that legendary territory I got almost 2k beads

I have exactly the same 315 You can probably miss quiet a few maps, let’s see

Yeah but does it start before this map ends?

Nope. It won’t. I am skipping this map. I don’t believe you need to do all of them. At least o hope not lol. Either way, as OP suggested. Not buying anything for this event.


Yes you need to know all milestones and buy some packages from offers to do the hole thing.
Plus get toons from premier to get the other beacons

you don’t need to finish every zombie roadmap to finish the stash.

Im not p2p and finished all roadmaps so far with 1300+ beads left, so i guess its not p2p (so far)

Did your faction hold the beads terry
Otherwize tell me how

Yes, got a lot from terries!

Then it is another story
You cant reach the beads without that terry or buying beads.

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Is there anything in the scopely world that is not p2w?

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Every 4 times you complete the map I believe you get 17 pulls so need to almost finish it 12times to complete the stash. Tbh I don’t know if it’s ftp. But I think the map should refresh 9 or 10 more times

Things changed somewhat since I wrote this - because there was the possibility of getting beads from the territories. However, for the vast majority, this was never going to be possible to complete.

You can use leaugecoins to get beads

Oh really? They must have brought that in after I stopped looking. Good to know.

not leugetokens

Oh, I see! So, you’re saying that you can buy beads using coins that you did not pay for.

Ok - sure. That’s valid.

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