Beachballs, sombreoros and seashells

Hello everyone.

Just a quick couple of questions.

I started playing a few days ago. It looks like my placements for the current events will net 2000 WD Tokens. I checked out what they get me, and can see I need 10,000 of each to get a character.

  1. It doesn’t appear to show me how much of each item I get for my 1000 WD Tokens. Is there a set amount or is it random per pull?

  2. As I’ve just started the game, do I have enough time to accumulate enough of an item to get a character or have I joined part way through.

Thank you.

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Random pulls.

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Of the lowest amounts possible, but don’t worry, somebody will pull 10,000…but it’ll never be you, or verdeiwsp, or me


Someone in my faction did pull 10k sombreros. Lol

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RNG based, if you look at the wheel for WD tokens it will show you the various % of each amt of beach ball, sombrero and seashells, 10,000 of any of these items is under 0.5% each I believe. A large variety of different amounts with, obviously 100 of any of the items being the highest %. But you could always be lucky, someone has to be.

For once it was me! I also pulled another 5k. I never get anything good so will take this as my 1 and only piece of luck.

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I don’t have good odds when it comes to pulls, but I identify as having good odds

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The deals will pour in close to the end of the period… Making sure you don’t lose out at more RNG


Thank you for the answers.

In regards to my second question, have I joined partway through this promotion? It says I have 11 days. Assuming I have bad luck, would 1 days worth of events be enough to net me one of these characters?


Depends on your faith in RNGsus

Translation: no


I just saw another post about this event. Someone’s been placing pretty high from day one and just getting 100 items. Plus I just realised I don’t pick the item. So even if I do get a lucky pull like 5000, there’s still a 2/3 chance I won’t get the same item next pull, let alone the desired quantity.

I see you’re new here.
That’s just the way things are designed more and more here. Hence the forum riots

Before you get too comfortable, I might advise you to watch this video.


To answer your questions:

  1. The amount you get is random, and you don’t get to pick what you get.
  2. This event has been going on for 2 weeks already.

As for if 1 day of events can get you enough for a character, the answer is maybe. It depends on RNG to see if you can get the 10k in a single pull, and the odds are not good. However, you’re new to the game and I strongly believe that new players get a ‘catch-up’ mechanism, so you never know, you might get a single lucky pull.

Still stuck at 500 sombreros though have been placed 1st & now 2nd in lvl up events also placed pretty well for the rest of events. It’s a joke, also that they give you still items for the toons you no longer can redeem.

Been very active through the whole event so far. Total $h1t event. Most people will not get a pull.


This event is shit.
We’re competing in tournaments for a chance at a character.
What happened to epic tokens, or epics in general as prizes?

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Better get used to this. The company is all about RNG.

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Its possible

Sure it’s possible despite the fact we’ve had Ivanova already as Lvl up reward few months ago. Of course some people will get a toon, but the majority will have grinded again for nothing at the end. You will lose the fun real quick if all events end like that.