Beach balls, sombrero, shells

Wish they make an option to exchange one item to another. I am missing 1.5k beach balls and probably not going to be able to collect the rest until the end of the event (


14000 shells, 1400 beach balls, 600 sombreros…


Only about 2500 of each. All i keep drawing is 100. As usual screwed by Scopley again


My first 2 pulls from this wheel were 5000 and 2000 beach balls… so I thought for sure I’d at least end up with elodie… but since then it’s been nothing but <300 each open. This company just makes no sense. Why would they run Those roadmaps midway through the event? Now is when they should be running them.


Shouldn’t have done road maps at all for this event. They could still put up secondary collections for people to use the items on if they don’t have enough for the toons. Or for the extras they kept pulling after getting a toon.

For the first time ever I actually had decent luck, but i still hate how this whole thing has been set up. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely please put up collections for these extra, and currently worthless items people have worked hard to obtain for the last month. And please never, NEVER, do an event like this again…


This event was pretty damn pointless, kinda makes you wonder if waiting for a “better future” is actually worth it, I am nowhere near getting any toons because scopely’s pull odds are notoriously the worse in gaming history, if not, pretty close to it.


That would be nice, bc I could actually get a toon if we could bc as it stands I’m not getting anything other than angry and frustrated lol

But let’s be honest, they’re not going to do anything that will benefit players :man_shrugging:


We all know it’s an utopia. By setting an event like that they know perfectly what they’re doing and that only a few players will get enough sombreros while the rest of us gets stuck with balls and shells. That roadmap could have been useful if they had set up different roadmaps where we could use one item as fuel to get another as reward but they don’t want us to get Harper. They want us to spend money to get her…

Those collections end in two days and they’ll disappear while every effort we’ve made become pointless. Isn’t that right, @JB.Scopely ? @GR.Scopely ?

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Weird. Got 5000 shells twice (during two days) and grabbed Ivanova.

You lucky devil, you saved comics for a while! Looks you are gonna get Zach. Pretty jealous, i need 62 comics to get him…

I’ve given up with Rng opened tons of these and I’m nowhere near getting one, happy that some of my Faction friends have thou

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top 1 in lvlups , raids and nightmare sr once. And always in top 15 in all solo events. And this is all i got. I manage to get ivanova but that was before im top 1 in those.

I keep getting sea shells.


I pulled 100 Beach balls and 300 seashells A LOT. Only pulled 2000 ONE time. Top 50 in every event and got nowhere close to a toon.

I think a lot of people will be angry if this structure is repeated next month.


An exchange would be great not getting any of these characters 1k each to get for Ivanova and Elodie :smile:

Screwply aren’t designed to allow you to ein anything. Only buy it.


Looks like we just gambled the month away for nothing scopley rng gambling logic. They should say hey this is a Pay 2 play event just like the game.

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Can we get that roadmap back once more before you take these collections away? @GR.Scopely

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The roadmap was (intentionally?) very poorly timed. Halfway thru the event when people didn’t know what they would need.

The very rng nature of these rewards this month is terrible. Someone could top 5 every event and end up with nothing.


It sure was. It would be nice to get one last chance at it.

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I’ve spent over 25 dollars on this event and have placed high in every tourney and only have an 18% chance of having anything to show for it. At the very least. They should have infinite redeemable collections where you can exchange 100 of any one item for 5 legendary ascendance medals