Be more Original

Every week there are these types of threads.

add trading
Scopley sucks
Ideas to improve the game
Those who cant speak english
trolling threads about praising scopes
Retired (guilty of this one :cry:)
Weekly Recap (thanks @Parker I love them)

We need more originality here.

I come here for 10 minutes every day when I literely got nothing else to do.



Good job you added that bracket. Cheeky

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Jeez way to troll my rants thread. I even gave you a mention in it. I would say I hope they never bring out an S Class Kenny but that’s not true and I agree with you :grin::crazy_face:



I dont rememebr you and I dont care what you say about Kenny or anyone.

I am here to shιt talk everyone.


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Lol :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This forum needs a better class of thread

So it’s up to someone else besides me to give it to em!

Holy shit, i just noticed this but you were in P!NK?

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Technically they were also my Character Threads, first with SR2 Editor Made Characters and then with Drawn Characters, though latter only had 2, since the People were extremly disrespectful.

was .

awsome faction but I decided to leave since I well quit the game.

feel bad cuz a few weeks ago before I quited I was inactive tho.

screw what people say.

I dont give 1 single shιt if someone thinks I’m bad or whatever.

just ignore the bloody hate bro.


I was P!NK mang too :’)

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I did in the last Sains Row 2 Characters Posts, so the drawn ones had of course alot more work invested into them and then it does suck to be treated like this.

I gladly though found some real Feedback on the Hitman Forum, so it’s no big deal. Just wanted to say that :wink:

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Zomg, me too!

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Yeah i know :slight_smile:

@Alexanaxela oh lol. Who are you then? :grinning:

It is I, the most LegenDary of them all!

New member?

I dont exactly remember that name

yep always good finding people that like to help.