Be Honest, Scop

Be Honest Now Scopely. You never intented to remove the Piece Box from the War Wheel did you?

It’s been Months by now and even you should have found a Way by now to remove this ‘Unwanted Item’ or at the very least lower the percentage of pulling said Item. Atleast if this is what you really want, Chuck… I mean Scopely.

(Whoever gets the Chuck Reference gets a Cookie :wink:)


Chuck from supernatural?

He was also a giant bag of dicks…

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Why do we want another 6* from the wheel instead of S class shards?


They did, in beta is now on, I guess it will be reflected once they launch the complete update for everyone.

How about they just do a complete new upto date war wheel, old wheel (press delete) programmers upload new wheel🤷🏼‍♂️

That’s not it, Sorry.

It’s not that we really want, but it’s better than the isult in Person… I mean in Box Form.

New wheel. No one needs 6 mias, or 50 shards for warring months on end

they could replace it instantly if they want to, rewards would just be a bunch of assets in a lookup table.

They prove in the past how quick things can be done when they do live amends to war or changes for when pam is giving loads of XP etc

Look how quick they disabled the merc function for war, even though it was useful as they had messed war up by giving 1b 8 v 8 instead of 6 V 6.

While they were disabling the mercs they could of changed the war format to 6 v 6 while they were at it


They would not be able to. They would need to kill the war in the whole wave1b (maybe in the whole game, even) and start a new one.

You can’t change the format of the event while you have queues set up for a different format already. All queues would have to expire, no new ones started before they could change the system variables.

But they could have flipped the switch to enable mercs back on. And they should have done that


if each war in 8 v 8 was rewarding 100 coins every time you detroyed a camp do you think they would of stopped war and changed it then or just thought fuck it and let it continue in the wrong format as they did?

Reward drops are fixable otherwise, but let’s say another exploit could be done that wouldn’t be possoble to fix. They would just pull the whole event out. Full stop, no war. In this case Scopely would not cate about players complaining about not being able to war.

But doing the same because of a functioning war that is “only” in the wrong format for less than 30% of active players?
Do you think that having to deal with an outrage of everyone outside 1b (who don’t consider themselves affected by 8v8 instead of 6v6) and even a good portion of 1b (wrong war still better than no war) is justifiable to correct the war format or not…?

How do you know they are? Mean they “fixed” mercenaries super quick… they could have easily cancelled and restarted it and sent compensation out if genuinely cared.

As highlighted they seemingly pick an choose what to fix alter etc at a whim…

I don't "know" anything, truly, but it doesn't make sense otherwise.

And I don’t mean that it doesn’t make sense for Scopely to behave this way, but for a data architecture related to an event to be changeable from 8 active warriors to 6.
Not the greatest programmer here, but each scenario I can picture would really require to kill every match and queue to clear all instances of the 8v8 objects, then bring the game down for a minute or two (if competent, Scopely might take an hour or 8) so no new objects can be created, then change the parameters and fire it up as 6v6. The war kill “might” (depending on how exactly the waves are coded in background) be necessary for wave 1b only, but most likely would have to get all regions involved.
The mercenary thing is just a switch they flipped - they didn’t suddenly disappear either. All factions that “hired” a merc continued to queue with them until they filled and found an opponent, just the option to hire further ones disappeared afterwards

Of course they could have cancelled and restarted, then deal with the uproar of every faction saying they were on a kill streak before their super-active shift went to bed and now are barely able to get to top20… And everyone would trash talk them still as being incompetent and what not. So instead acting like there was a typo and they intended to do a 8v8 in 1b, then just sending out the “compensation” (bleh), they can pretend that no real problem occurred and the compensation matched the inconvenience…

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Exactly, this. With the new war stash the whole getting war tokens thing become so much interesting also imo because now you also get trainers and even some gears so you don’t exactly war only for that wheel but you also getting some stuff out of it. Plus now there are some cards on milestones along with stash tokens in case of let’s say, your faction doesn’t place well. So i don’t understand why you guys want so badly for some extra 6*s that you’ll never really use instead of some cards. Let’s face it, that wheel will never really meet the expectations of the players that’s active and playing in a certain competition but maybe for fairly new players.

Apologies is my reply came across as sharp there… write words take off the tone.

For me they could easily have stopped and restarted the war - sent out milestones to 150k mark to all - yeah would be complaints about score streaks but would be easily overcome.
Problem is they allowed mercs for nearly hour didn’t they? Before switched it off… so if saw this then saw the other mistake… it just smacked of not caring an too much effort.

I’m not asking for free stuff as happy to earn my way but I live by owning my mistakes not glossing over as they did with this weekend.

Canceling war and relaunching it is EXTREMELY problematic. Let’s say you have a player who logged in six hours before war started. Their device has instructions in it to launch a war event at a certain date and time. One hour after war starts, they cancel war and then an hour after that, they relaunch it. Now let’s say that person who logged in six hours before war started hasn’t been logged in yet. Their device doesn’t know about the cancel and relaunch, and it could take up to 20 minutes after they login for that information to get downloaded to their phone. When they login, before they get the instructions from the server that the war event has been canceled, their device starts the war event that was previously loaded in. They see the war splash screen and declare war, because as far as their device knows, the ORIGINAL war is still on. This is how we get into those messy situations where the server has 2 war queues going and some players in some factions can war and others can’t because there are 2 conflicting war events going on at the same time. It’s happened before, more than once.

The only safe way to cancel war and relaunch it is to cancel war and relaunch a war scheduled to start AFTER the originally scheduled war was scheduled to end. Why would you waste a weekend war for everyone because there are 32 1B regions out of ~250 total regions that will be affected? And it’s not like those 32 regions can’t war…they can, it’s just not an ideal configuration.

Sorry, 1B, I know it sucked, but they made the right call here.


Thankyou for that as actually breaking it down and explaining it as did I understand the issues more. I had it pegged as bit more simpler to fix to be honest.

Again this highlights the side issue with communication and interaction have with scopely. If they had them come on and explained things like this they may be less gripes (never gonna please everyone as that’s not possible as would still get grief just less)

Edit. It did suck for us 1b folks

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Yes, I can imagine that it sucked plenty… hence reactivating mercs would have been the smart way to deal with the situation.

Being pretty quiet about the mess up and still not owning up to the problem is really aggravating the situation on the field of “improved communication”…


Simply answer is they just didn’t care and are incompetent, but they know the player base will just get over it and deal with it as usual