Bazooka Abe's weapon?


What’s the best way to craft it?


Dont touch it. Just dont.


improve atk? add crit? huge AR bonus on atk?


You have to be very careful with his AR.


No need for any of that he already 1 shots the zombies you need him for… you dont want him popping off turn 2 because the zombies havent built up yet… just leave it


What is the best team to make with him to clear towers


One Mira, one Abe. Search up tower clearing on YouTube and it’ll pop up. Believe it’s this-


Andrea not mira


It is? Makes sense, lol, haven’t watched any tower clearing videos in a while.


Where’s staff sergeant forum commando to complain about not revealing the top secret “rocket Abe tower strats”. Maybe that’s what they talk about in the foremost elite discussion group known as “diamond league faction chat” lol


Lmao, I though that was where they compared their hundreds of maxed legendaries and thousands of dollars spent on the game, who knows?


They’re probably comparing something else I can’t say.


They won’t speak on the subject cause it’s highly classifed and confidential information bahahahaha @staff sergeant forum commando


I haven’t lost at taking a tower since I figured out how best to use abe… < 20 seconds every time


Why dont you guys give him a try on those walkers? Make him a weapon with AP bonus, then give a tower run, then reset the weapon, test it out with different leader, that’s how you learn. I don’t know the secret but I keep trying :slight_smile: There are a few details you have to catch to be effective.


Attack/Crit/Splash is best


From what I have researched an attack lead
And mod his weapon for attack
But if you do AR boost then he will go off too early