BattlePass tokens. to spend or not to spend SOLVED

As this battle pass event continues to go by, I have accumulated some extra tokens that I don’t really feel like spending on guo and I’ve already got raulito.

Do we have any idea if these tokens are going to reset when the next pass comes around?

Should I just hang onto them in hopes that the next set of rewards will be more useful to me?

The anouncement says that they will reset

i just bought out all the bradys lmao

Reread the battle pass newsletter more carefully. It does indicate they will reset at the event.

Thanks for clarifying.

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My pleasure!

It’s scopley so there’s a 75% chance they won’t reset

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…unless you have used them thinking that they’ll reset, then they definitely roll over.

They almost always reset, except for when they stated that walker heads definitely would NOT be used again…

gold bricks anyone?

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