Battle timers inconsistent

War battle timers seem pretty long. Raid battle timers seem like they were increased in recent memory. Onslaught battle timers are stupid short.

I just lost a battle and it really seemed like I barely had 10 turns before the 1 minute warning started.

Is there really a need for the timer at all? Can we set them to a consistent and gratuitous standard?


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10 Turns?? What you doing there? Even with my No Rush Mateo Off that i use at Oneslaught it’s max of 5 Turns

I run a bleed team, the wind up takes awhile.

Before everyone leaps out and starts throwing shit around about their amazing t2 teams, guess what, not everyone has the toons to make that happen.

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Well, I haven’t timed it myself or anything, but my impression is that all PvP battles are on a 5min timer. The only difference is Onslaught, when you start a duel less than 4 min before the attack phase ends. As soon as the attack phase ends, you get the 1min warning (within duel) and the 1 min battle end phase (within onslaught screen) starts.

Interesting ok, I wonder if I was coming up on the end of a round :thinking:

Just seems like every once in awhile I get a wildly shortened timer.

It’s been a while since I got a timer, forgot those were in the game

Obviously you don’t play at work where a colleague asks for a minute of your time (and it turns out to be 3-4) or around your wife who can find a way to put the phone down for a minute or two (or an hour) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you start an Onslaught battle at the end of a round, it will reduce the timer to the total left of that current onslaught. I think the cool down is 1 minute (could be wrong there), if so, if you start a raid a few seconds before the warm down period begins, you will only have just over a minute to complete it.

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