Battle time outs



Is it just me watching the adrenaline rushes waste the time away?

Even with auto battle X3 from start to finish I still timeout all too often


With tankier toons and stronger healers, it seems there’s been much more timing out as of late. I agree that adrenaline rush animations are way too slow.


sometimes they drag out even if you skip them by pressing a million times


and the x3 is only for auto


They need an optional use adrenaline rush option. Not just for raids but also for roadmaps/World map


It does get annoying seeing the rush animation every time.


Time out teams suck. Is there anything worse than having to land one or two more shots to clean up and the clock runs out on you? It should be a fight to the death. At the very least, if you have more guys alive than the other team when time runs out, you should win.

I don’t mind losing to a team that can kill me. I hate having all my guys alive and losing on a cheap technicality. You don’t lose in any sport or game if you’re ahead when the clock runs out.

It is quite annoying.


Total hp left for all toons if anything for time out 1 dead doesn’t mean much you could have multiple toons on there way out so toons standing shouldn’t decide it. If that did exist like that


Not just the animations but the waiting for the bleed/burn effects to show up… This on auto seems incredibly long compared to other and you cant seem to speed that up.


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