Battle Rewards from War

Is it just my imagination or has the battle rewards been reduced to food and faction assault tickets. So far during this war, I’ve participated in 20 battles (8 wins/12 losses), and so far I haven’t received a single war energy refill.

In the past, we used to get ingredients, gear, battle items, elite weapons tokens and war energy refills. Now, all we’re getting is food and tokens.


Im getting cans and elite weapon tokens fine. Started war with 11 cans, now have 20ish… i’m using cans as well… tokens are a little rarer.


I’m up seven or eight cans in several wars. One ect a few weapon tokens. Just RNG screwing you.

Yeah sorry but its just bad rng. I am up 16 cans. Better luck next time. No troll.

Members of my faction have been seeing some War can success when hitting towers. I like to hit 2 vacant ones at the beginning before I start smacking opponents to get those free chances.

You can also not put a team in one and. Hit it again when clock goes to 0. I preferred it when you could keep hitting it back to back though.

I do that when we have a team on the ropes and there is an open tower. I don’t place a team in it since you still get the bonus during the countdown period. I then what for it to become free again and take it over again. Another bonus with that scenario is I use Alert Focus Maggie with 4 other sub lvl 80 range 5*s to get them some free experience points.