Battle pass weekly challenges

Challenge 3, tier up a 4* or higher 2 times, I don’t think is working.
Has anyone else tried and can confirm?

I just used a veteran ring on Cameron and it applied it to the mission goal correctly.

It’s only for strong characters.

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I leveled up 2 4* and tier 2 them…
Got no credit

Sure, but doesn’t work with 4* strong characters.

Try using vet rings cause it worked for me doing that but on a strong trait toon that’s my go to I dont even worry bout 4* I just save a few rings back when I get them from ms in arenas

It’s vet rings …

Intially lvled and upgraded 2 4* as thought been clever… didn’t count.

Wasted 2 rings on a green/strong and completed that one

It’s wrong discription. It’s not strong 4 Stars. It’s Start with 5 Stars! I upgrade 2 ascendable Laos from T1 to T2 and got it! But using two Rings, on strong Chars, this seems to be working as well. My faction Mate confirmed it

yeah the difference between 4* and 5* is clearly something like quantum mechanics for scopely

hey coders…

>4 != >=4

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