Battle Pass Weekly: 5 Arena Entry

Anyone having any issues with this challenge from the weekly battle pass challenges?

I entered into Old School once today and didn’t receive credit for it.

The for free entry doesn’t count. Mission‘s description is pretty clear on this. If you have used a ticket and didn’t get credited for this, then yes contact support.

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You know what it was the free entry that I used then. Thanks for pointing that out. Every time I enter arenas I just always think I’m using a ticket lol.

I was thinking at first the free entry will count towards the mission but nope, had to use 1 ticket and see what happens.

I just finished all free tiers… 2000 battle coins, not enough even for 1k rick cards, i have to spend them for rest items (already have rosita)

Every f2p player should be able to get at least this 2500 coins Scopely…
Its sad how you guys treat people
@TayTron take it to the team


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