Battle Pass Season 2 Rewards Preview

Early look at what is to come in the next season of the battle pass! There are unique rewards, a bonus 10 tiers for people who want to grind out extra missions and also a brand new set of characters featuring in the Black Market. You can check out my preview here.

A lot of positive feedback came with the first battle pass on the value for both f2p and spenders and this pass looks to follow on that and take community feedback into account with trying to improve it as well, but…

Do you think the rewards are better than Season 1 Battle Pass?

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just got to wait and see if the proce is the same or if they increased it

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It has been confirmed as being the same to me.


then it’s awesome then

VPNs being a douche:

Anyone got a few moments to post a list of the most interesting choices after they’ve had a watch please?

Most appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m quite excited for this. I enjoy mission based events and the rewards are decent. They’ve made some improvements on the last one which was already really good.

The options for ftp to spend their coins on are better than the last one as well I think, even though they still won’t have enough for negan cards the other 3 options are all good as well.

Top reward in black market is Negan cards.
Others are Alpha, Mateo and Princess.

3 6 stars in the free tiers: Amber, Zander and Cameron.
1 ascendable 5*: Aarav, Daiyu, guo or wangfa

Most of the tiers are similar to last time. slightly different cards on offer with addition of Alpha and Jacki in particular.

Tier 30 of the missions gives a new tough weapon that has a great chance to cause infection. But can only get it if you buy the key.

There are 10 extra missions for people who get additional points, mostly giving cards and armory stuff.


Excellent - thank you!

yea the only downside I can see is only being able to purchase 1K cards at a time instead of 250 that you could last time, so if you pick up Mateo as a f2p you cant get 500 of his cards on top this time around.


Ah I didn’t notice that initially, yeah that is a bit of a letdown. If you spend 1200 on the ascendable that doesn’t leave a lot of choice to spend the remaining 800 on.

I get that these cards are more valuable than say Raulito cards last time, but would have been better if they reduced the amount of cards and the cost so that people could get the toon and a few cards towards the next one.

Seems like either a poor design choice or very deliberate way to try and persuade people to buy the key.

I know it was suggested for ftp to get 2500 coins rather than 2000 and it’s a shame that wasn’t taken under advisement as it would have made this much better.


Nothing special for me in this battle pass season :roll_eyes::-1:t2:

When does it commence?

It says on the announcement that just dropped that it will be “later today” and that the challenges drop at 12pm on Mondays.

So I’m guessing in about 45 mins?

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So you keep saying. Once is enough you know :wink:

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Rick and rosita were very relevant compared to these battle pass options. Season 1 > season 2 imo.


Yeah I’m not into the new cards on offer😔