Battle Pass Season 2! Really good value folks :o

This seasons battle pass looks even better than last season. The s class cards are on point. The addition of extra tiers for people who purchase pts is there. The unique weapon that provides infection on attack :o

Battle Pass Season 2! The Walking Dead: Road to Survival TWD

You all know I’m not much of a Spender, but even I’m Tempted with the Value!


When the new battle pass will be released?

do it link join the darkside

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:innocent::smiling_imp: there is no good or evil there is only power


I guess, the unique weapon is obtainable only for those who spend? Which is alright to me.



Yes it is - nice unique weapon

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One of the few things worth spending on in the game :+1:


I got bag reward with wd point and wd point in inbox, i hope i will be able to use them

Looks like I’ll be spending money again :heart_eyes:

They got you guys and gals by the :baseball::basketball: and they know it. :laughing:

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Wonder how much extra you have to spend to fill out that extra set of rewards

I think for transparency, you should add that you work for Scopely as well maybe?

Great that you feel subjectively that purchasing the pass is worth it though. Hopefully Scopely are getting a better balance of cost and value.

I wont be purchasing it but glad that it appears to be better for those who choose to

Nice cat

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I bet you in a few hours someone will have it in a spreadsheet

I have tagged all my videos since being hired with #scopelycontentcreator #scopelyemployee :slight_smile: been trying to be as open as I can With it all


F2P but I really want to get the pass, struggling to see who I would put the special weapon on as that’s the big carrot for me here🤗

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Well wangfa is the best candidate cause if you are running infection team , wanfa’s heal reduction is really needed and that fits well in his hand


No more battle pass points in daily bag?

It is the carrot and we are the rabbits :rabbit2:

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