Battle pass screwed?

Battle pass daily login count has reset, is this a mistake?

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It hasn’t. There’s a new one, the old one is still there.

[ETA] This is certainly a weird and confusing way to do it though.


They should have had the log in missions seperate. Scopely on top form :laughing:

I thought it was going to be every 2 weeks now?
Seems like its been released a week early to me.

It said “weekly missions” not biweekly missions. Seems like it will be weekly missions, and you have 2 weeks to complete them.


this is accurate, which is nice because someone like me needs some time to set up big point lvl up events

If thats the case then that’s great :+1:

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Not gonna complain if they want to do it this way. I’ll happily take the extra points from the double login missions 🤷

Yep, though 10 upgrades of blue too s could be too “tough” even within 2 weeks.

And the five 5* weapons???

It’s just 5 weapons. Doesn’t say it has to be 5*.

A-ha!!! Seems I have failed at reading comprehension… Might also explain why I have 1/5 progress on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the eye opener :wink:

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Also fairly easy to upgrade a 5* blue to tier 1.

For some, maybe… I got like 20 5* at T4L1 saved for level up push (once I levelled all toons I was working on, round off to hit milestones) with maybe only 5 on T3 (various lvl) and the only blue toon in recent memory I have claimed is Slater (T4L87 now) and Shiva (6* T2 already)…

I hope to get enough 5* blues from the basic tokens to try… Or I’ll max Angel (T4L127) and put some rings on her (note: one at a time, otherwise it counts as only one upgrade)

Whats the crack with the weapons? 5 weapons from where?

I completed it just doing stages so getting weapons from drops counts. I’m guessing tokens and probably the depot counts too. But it’s pretty easy to do.

Job done, did a couple of world maps, had plenty weapons drop and that was that.
Clearly didnt get any weapon drops on the gold bar/torch maps this morning!

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Veteran rings also count as ‘tiering up’ for some reason. I just tested it.

Yes, I know - it’s been like that since ever.

But remember

But rings are a scarce commodity and I have just the Angel to spend on (not really considering to use on any regular 6* except one ring on Slater for bookmark purposes)

Why does the login reset for battle pass tho it should run out 13 days cause you wont be getting all the points I’d rather have the daily log in points back

It doesn’t reset. The login missions from week 1 are still running. So you get rewarded twice. Which is even better. We’re getting a lot more points now than in the bags.