Battle Pass S-Class Rick

Forgive maybe the naive question, but I’m new to the game. If I got the two five star Rick characters for the battle pass store, where would I eventually be able to get the remaining cards to move him to S-Class? Seems pointless to get the two if there isn’t a path to get the remaining 6,000 cards that’ll be required. So I must be missing something being new. Thanks for any insight.

You will be able to get the rest when they’re available in normal rewards

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Either buy when promo, other than that you have to wait until they are in event prizes🤗

Got it. So I haven’t missed the event or opportunity yet? Didn’t know if this was a new character for the battle pass season or if any window to get him had already passed.

He might appear in the daily Sclass choiceboxes (energy and torches roadmaps) in around a month

How new to the game?
Rick is still a premium toon, will be a good while before you’ll get all the cards without paying but its a good starting point. A 6 star version is still great in short term.

Is any of the other toon of use to u?

Tbf 6star Rick is one of the best 6star versions of the S class in comparison to others. The 2 most important aspects of him - his 8% weapon and his command are completely unrelated to him being 6star or Sclass.
Granted he will be squishy as anything and will most likely be KOed before he revives anyone or gives his AR buffs - but he will still be able to command toons early and start them off with extra AP which is what most people use him for. Besides, if you want a command (you do), the only other options are 6 stars anyway.


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