Battle pass missions week 4

Yeah good luck with this one


Also collect 100 Burt tokens… yeah, sure…


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I don’t appreciate need to burn 8 arena tickets either


Yeah some of them suck this week, every SR can I have is precious and I don’t want to use any😔

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I can spare two (usually have to burn up to three to complete legendary as it’s taxing my online time). I can spare the tickets (will simply push for higher ranking).

But where do I get 78 extra Burts besides those from daily missions and weekly rescue map, I rly don’t know.

Also how do I time travel to get the 13 days login is beyond me…

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100 burts is a concern for me too. That’s a huge number of trainers to reel in


Be glad it’s not collect 100 Benedicts. :joy:


Was this an intentional innuendo, or was it a typo?

Yes, kind of typo. No intention to mention dicks here.


#TayTronToday at 20:21
Question: I noticed that the current Battle Pass mission is only available for 1 week instead of 2. Is this intended?
Answer: No this is not intended, we are currently working on getting this corrected to the appropriate length. Thank you for your patience.

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And 100 burts? How?
If its supposed to be 10 then thats easy. But 100? Like wtf?


Dumbledore came in and posted the magic spell for that one :joy:

You can get 42 from daily missions. So hopefully roadmaps and other stuff can drop the other 58… idk

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There is some from the bear paw log in. But 100?? Nah


I’d say 25 is easy (you get 3 from daily missions and one from weekly rescue map, so only need to get 3 more, usually from some event or story roadmap). 30 doable, 40 very demanding and borderline to a paywall. 100 is outrageous…

Update: if it would be a two week mission, then double the numbers - 60-70 doable with gritted teeth. More than that will cost you coins, I’d say, unless they make a farmable roadmap (pretty, please???)

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Daily Burts and levelup milestones will already get you to 60/100.

There’s tons of Burts in the war stash. They’re also occasionally in other events, roadmaps (including a guaranteed one each week on the rescue map), and pulling elite item tokens will usually get you a few.

100 seems to be around the amount I get every two weeks without trying, so I’d say it’s possible.


We’ve had it before that what seems like stupid missions then event/rewards pop up and make it doable. Good ol’ Scopes mentality, pee off the customer base with something that should be a good thing


if u did the bear hunt slowly u would have gotten heaps
but I didn’t so nope bah, maybe need to buy bags

I also barreled through the bear map. It really does pay to procrastinate in this game

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Depends. I missed the last 2/3 stages of the final act of Hilltop CM map - although it didn’t cost me anything as I already had at least one copy of each toon in the 6* choicebox…

But if I were really procrastinating, I might have failed to complete Alexandria too