Battle pass key

Real quick question. I ran the numbers on how many BP coins I’d get if I bought that key and I realized how absurdly many you get if suddenly all those extra milestones got checked. I now agree, the key is a ridiculously good deal from scopely.

Can I get some confirmation that I only need to buy that key once and it will check off all those additional milestones? The ones that directly say get the key and the ones between tiers that need the key to get the last check mark. Does hat make sense?

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Yes. You get everything for one purchase

You still need to complete all the tiers via battlepoints though. Not sure I fully understood you tbh

You get the one from each tier that requires the key straight away. You also then get the tier completion rewards for the tiers you’ve completed. And as Moog says, yes you only need 1 key despite there being 2 available.

Ok thanks that does answer my question.

Side note, I dropped 10 bucks on that doc offer, but for 20$ I can get a second s class Raul and s class Rosita AND a chunk of Rick cards… Wow


I kinda want to buy a battle pass key. I think the value is pretty good. But I also vowed not to spend any more. Also I’m broke.

So I’m torn :laughing:


The struggle is real man. You could spend 100$ on coins and head straight to the featured wheel and get worse rewards

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It really is quite good by Scopely standards.


Battle pass is best value imo, even more so than SC was when shield andrea was meta. Hopefully this doesn’t get them salivating and neutering the next battle pass


I have been real happy with my purchase C.J, honestly if you make one purchase in the next 3 months, make it this.


wtf region are you in


Battle pass became Impossible to buy on my country after the lastest price raise on offers, but it’s a great deal for sure if you can buy, so many great rewards

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