Battle pass key not given

Anyone pay for the battle pass and not get it? Right after I paid for it, I got a game error and never got it. Contacted both Apple and scopley and Apple says write scopely and scopely says that it wasn’t paid… Even though I have the purchase receipt…

This happened to me before. I just wrote it off as a loss since I’m sure a charge back would’ve gotten me banned.

Been in that kind of situation before. Apple will refund you when you tell them scope will not do anything.

Not true. Went through the same thing op did, and Apple referd me to scopely, and scopely refered me to Apple. A hell loop.

Well yes, true :joy:

I assure you I got a refund in a situation like this and it was through apple.

Nah I believe you. I’m just saying op has a 50/50 shot of getting nothing.

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