Battle Pass is Cruel

Already passed Tier 30 and collected all the BP coins possible. Granted I already collected everything I needed for Alpha but being short by a mere 50 is cruel yet funny🤣

Anyone else in a similar situation?

This will be my first and likely last mobile game that I use an excel spreadsheet to plan with.

Hence avoided this…

But yes, I feel your pain, had this issue last season. :sweat_smile:


yes 50 short to pick up a 5*

watch an offer for random bags with 49 or 50 battle tokens pop up for 100 bucks
99.9999999999999999 chnace of 49 too

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Mir fehlen noch 200 für princess. Ich fühle mit dir

I’m in exactly the same position! I’m holding out in case there is a coin offer, although there was none last time.


I need 350 for 1000 alpha cards lol


Scopely are terrible at planning how many items to give us to allow efficient useage of them, they always leave us just short of claiming something.

It would almost be understandable if they did it so they could sell us the amount we need to top up but they don’t.

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Would seem sensible to add a few bp coins for sale as well.

Would allow people to get that last set of cards, or allow people who don’t want the whole pass a few bits

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