Battle pass event exchange

I’ve gotten all rewards that i could (for free) from the battle pass missions. Is there going to be an exchange in black market? These weekly tokens and missions are useless to me now unless i can exchange these tokens in the black market for purple coins. At least then i could get some more bradys. Already got 2k coins for my 6 star rosita.

Nope I’ve been collecting them useless points for 2 weeks now

I wouldn’t call these extras useless. I already finished last week as well and there is about 4 days left of the battle pass as of today. One way to look at how this was structured is that Scopley gave players some leeway with the weekly battle points.

Essentially for people that didn’t buy the battle pass key, those players could still finish all the free to play portions of those missions even if they missed a week or a few missions from the weekly.


Simply stop claiming them… save all the daily bags, and have the weekly missions expire and sent to tour mailbox. If you don’t claim them at all, no harm done… but if you save them for 2nd battle pass (if it comes again and using same tokens), you can get a headstart and maybe - just maybe, save enough to get a new set of missions that would have been intentionally paywalled in the 2nd run also through token availability, not just the BP key…

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Yes! Great thinking!

None of that stuff rolls over to the next one tho

I’m happy scopes have left us a little play room, again personally I think a great move🤗

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Your tokens do - if you don’t claim them. They cant remove your daily bags, can’t clear your mailbox rewards… of course, they can simply delay the next battle pass by 31 days, so mailbox rewards would expire, they can also change the tokens to green BP2 tokens, but saving them now (when you’ve completed tier30 already) will not hurt you any, but mighy help you in the future - it’s a no brainer…

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