Battle pass ending today

What about battle pass mission and battle pass black market, we see new battle pass for league 12 or not?

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It seems very likely as it was well received by everyone. The question is, will it uphold the same standards or will they increase the price and drop the quality?

But yes, expect them to launch a new one when this one ends or sometime after.


The format is great and is one of the better features they’ve introduced in recent times. It would be a huge disappointment if they increased prices/dropped quality for the next one.

But not really a surprise. Because…Scopely.


Yeah, format is great, im hope to new battle pass mission or give all trainers to league shop.

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Considering how they jacked up the price of the 1$ parts offer to 5$ once they found that the player base found it useful, I expect the same greedy tactics here as well!


Yeah that was typical, take peeps £0.99 jack it up and guess what now they get nothing ha😂


yea i stopped getting it too! lol… plus i cancelled my SC club for their troubles xD


I too skipped that offer ever since. Hope everyone does it and they are forced to change it back.

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Battle pass should also include Survivor club and 30 day pass.

SC is garbage.


Not sure about your country but they already increased the price of the key on mine. Increased the price of everything.

I don’t have anything for the battle pass on sale anymore so I don’t know. It was the same price all the time it was there I think.

But doesn’t surprise me. Scopely will always push it to see how much they can get people to spend. They put the prices up and people try to justify it so they’ll never change.

I’ll spend $50 for the key with how good of a deal it was. Easy money for scopes.

If it comes back (possibly with a delay? last time it started week 2 of the league season), I wouldn’t expect to see any major price increases.

This type of mechanic is specifically aimed at C2P people, which have been neglected for a while. The pass would be decent enough value at double the price, but there are plenty of people who will spend $10 a month, but will not pay 20, no matter what you get for it. People who want to spend more already can - coin pass, SC, event starter kits etc.

If they want to reduce value, I can see them tweaking the reward amounts.

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Are you a Scopely employee trying to push their agenda? Posting the same kind of pro-spend message everywhere.

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Adjust your tin foil hat buster

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You know the answer to that question. It won’t be anywhere near as good next time and it will cost twice as much, that’s the Scopely way.


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