Battle pass coins

The first battle pass event is winding down, so I need to think about what I’m going to do with my coins. I’ve got about 800 right now, doubt I’ll make enough for a Rosita card pack too.

I’ve got Raul already and don’t really want guo. This event says it resets the tokens, so what should I do?

PS: dear scopely, please let me keep my coins for the next event. Rollover event rewards would be 100 million times more exciting than 500 guo cards.


I got 1,350 coins myself without spending a dime (yet).

What missions have you missed out on??? Or have you spent some already?

If you need more, you know the obvious reply - buy the key :wink: But jabs aside, I’d go for 'Lito myself, if I decide not to drop the 20 bucks myself, but as you already got him, the Brady’s bunch is the next best thing.

I think he missed a lot. I have the same amount like you, maybe everybody who decided to not buy the pass and grinded well all the missions and daily bags will end with this amount until now.

I am not clear about the total amount of (free) coins available, but I did the math about the tokens - there’s actually quite some leeway included as max available token count is 19,880 (2k from weekly missions, 120 from daily), while you need 17,650 to get the 30th tier rewards.

To be honest, I’ve been considering to buy the key ever since they introduced the concept, but didn’t becsuse there’s no point buying early.

What I don’t get is, why they are keeping the price flat. They’re outrageous, shady and everything you can come up with whenever there’s money involved, but with an item unlocking extra set of rewards at any time, it would have been a normal (very little objectionable) practice to increase the price over time (or reduce the discount, whichever way you prefer to look at it)…

Meaning: you kick of a 7 week long grind-fest, with rather unclear conditions on the effort needed for the max grind, so need to put faith and resolve (commitment) into the game when buying early.

On the other hand, playing it safe and seeing whether your previous (potentially half-assed) efforts would have been enough to cash in is a no-brainer, if you ever were contemplating spending…

Psychologically, announcing that the battle pass key would cost 30 bucks at the end of the event, but will run with an initial 30% discount (reducing by 5% every week, until reaching the full, undiscounted price in week 7) could break several players into buying ahead… as is, only whales who don’t mind spending without care for actual value have been motivated to spend early…


I’ll clarify I bought a couple of the Raul boxes, so I’m not upset at the whole thing. I just don’t know what to do with my left overs.

I’d almost rather go a second Raul than to buy some guo cards.

I have also considered buying the key, but when I think about a 20$ key, 3 5$ keys (Weyland), and 25$ a moth for SC… It’s like, where does it end with you scopely?

Them dangling almost 100$ a month in unlockable event shit really really puts me off.

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They did this a couple months ago with the frozen walker head (or whatever it was called) for that Levelup event. The offer went away a few days before the event ended, then came back with a 50% increase as a “Last Chance”.

That’s easy, skip the Wayland keys, skip SC, skip coin pass, skip everything, but get the battle pass. It has the best value of any (intentional) offer, and at ~10€ per month is at a reasonable price point - I’d say spending this much on a live game you enjoy is not a frivolous amount (if you can afford it of course).


Dont give them ideas.

Tbf I bought early because I wanted an 8% weapon in my team asap and the only way was with Rick since I can’t craft 8%s for love nor money.

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I agree with you jank, the battle pass is probably the best deal around right now. I’ve got another couple weeks to think on it.

If I end up getting it, I’ll suddenly be rich in rewards and feeling great.

Anyone think this kind of buy would put you in the good luck bucket? I could really use some luck with my armory crafts…

I bought it on 3 regions.
It’s a good deal.

If you can’t get useful cards (and Guo is really not useful much, except maybe as Draft arena defense, nod to @CLIFTON87’s post), you should go with the small prizes - Bradys…

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Draft arena attack :wink:

So battle pass coins don’t rollover?? Can anyone provide a source?

Don’t know how far people are on their missions, I just complete the 27th mission, I bought the key about a week ago and definitely made a huge difference in the rewards. The key unlock a huge amounts of stuff, stuff that if you buy apart would easily cost +$20 a set , like mods , cards and gears, so if you planning to go far or all the way buying the keys is a must, playing this event for so long don’t let the best go away.

It says at the bottom of the black market page that coins will expire at the end of the event.
Good to see a bit of clarity for a change!


Also on the official announcement:

  • Battle Pass Coins will expire at the end of the event , so be sure to spend them all.
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There’s one thing that’s consistent with Scopely I can see happening on the next Battlepass … They will considerably reduce something to make it less lucrative to buy next time around.

Take a look at previous things, Survivors Membership … I wasn’t too keen on purchasing this but when i saw friends getting benedicts and other freebes i opted in the very next day but was told, they wont give yesterdays freebies so was a bit annoyed with that. slowly but surely owning an SC membership became stagnant and very little in value. 1 year and 0 promo pulls, comics would never pop up more than 8/9 each week out of a max 12

I would buy the battlepass next time if they maintain:

  1. 30 tiers of the same or better rewards
  2. at least 1 amazing S-class toon to buy the cards in the black market (like Rick)

Not a choice maker but would be highly appreciated
3. if they include more tier rewards as it can be a little frustrating completing the battlepass already with 2 weeks left of the event

Umm, so he’s not good to lug around for any kind of teams? What you can draft you don’t need to own :confused:

He’s not too bad (he was great on release aside from his lead skill). That +60%ap to 2 is fantastic - as you’ll know from Doc. He can definitely pull his own weight on a team. With a Diego/Dale/Harper and a command, you can make a decent T2 team with him since he has an AoE AR, but it’s not as reliable as the current T2 Lilly teams.
But the new Axel makes him irrelevant if you don’t already have him tbf.

Guo is st the bottom of my list. I don’t recall ever claiming his cards from any choicebox, but collected the toon to cash in on one of the last red velvet cake collections (my 2nd, after Pete, then they stopped doing them)… Claimed a second copy just because I had no maxed red leaders when that was a renown mission once. So I got a maxed 6* and a T2L1 6*, with 2250 cards… unless his single cards would show in rewards (or with a toon I already got), I will never complete him, I guess… not that I would ever consider the chance of getting Axel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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