Battle pass coin issue

Hello guys I want to ask why I collect 375 of them tokens and when I check in Inventory there was 125 and I did not use any of them is anyone else have same problem?

The 125 you are seeing maybe the battle pass coins. You will still have the 375 tokens.

That’s my guess.

There are battle pass coins which are used in the black market to buy things and then there are battle pass points which collected are used to complete missions. Where did you get the 375 from?


Sorry I forgot to upload pictures, there is from where I earn it :slight_smile:

As others said, they’re different items.

The 25 coins shown in the first pic and the 125 in the last picture are the same item (battle pass coins).

The 350 shown in the 2nd pic are tokens that you collect to earn the rewards in the battle pass rewards mission. Some of the rewards you can earn are the coins.

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Oh okay i thing I get it now lol thank you guys

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