Battle pass challenge 6

Is this another bait and switch or are 4* tier up’s going to work this week?

Worked for me

Use vet rings if you have them but use 1 each time cause it will only count for 1 if you use 4 at once the bigger issue is collecting 550 torches in a week when we barely get half that in a week

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Im more worried about the collect 550 torches mission, seeing as I collect 75 torches yesterday when I claimed a YGL, so those aren’t counting, will there be extra torch drops???


300 max torches possible. The rest you have to pay lol. Thanks a lot scope never disappoint us. Deals already up for torches, raid cans.


Raid cans should be ok, You get one from running the torch map, and they turn up in scav missions or daily login rewards so Im pretty happy that I will blow through that one, but yeah I figured about the same number for the torches, damn.

So we are expected to pay for the battle pass already and then you make us pay to have to complete one of the missions in it? This is the greediest developer I have ever seen easily. Double dipping when its totally unnecessary. So glad my wallet and time has moved on to other games that actually give two shits about their players and don’t see them as walking wallets but actual humans. See how it goes but if they keep these type mission I hope everyone refunds the battle pass. That’s almost extortion to add on extra fees


I’m more annoyed about Use 12 World Energy Refills…I’m pretty efficient with my natural energy with Roadmaps each week so that I don’t have to waste World Refills :roll_eyes:

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Does anyone know if ascending 5* to 6* counts as Tiering Up?

They always release these missions AFTER a level up already started and the torchlight have been collected


No, ascension isn’t upgrade. Promoting (with veteran rings) does, but using multiple rings at once clunts as a single upgrade.

And to the torches mission, @GGBSBN - while it is clearly a hit under the belt, the total battle points available in the event (assuming all daily and all weekly missions completed) have well over 3k leeway. You can pass up on some missions eventually

This reinforces the idea that you don’t do anything in this game unless it’s part of a mission. Collect nothing unless it’s in a mission or about to expire.


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Question: Will there be a way to earn more torches this week for the Battle Pass mission?
Answer: Yes, there will! Keep an eye out for an official blog post with details coming soon!

:man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5:

So where are you getting torches from?

boxes with our free weekly coins.

Not everyone has been able to get free coins from leagues

This should help:

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