Battle pass began or alpha

Who would be a better character to go for the Negan cards or alpha?

Alpha imo


I was going to ask something like this as well. Getting enough bp points to get someone will be easy, but having a tough time deciding who to go for… Already have princess, and my blues are already about as strong as it can get. Would you go for Mateo, alpha, or maybe a second princess? I don’t really have an interest in Negan.

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I know personally I’m going for Mateo as prioritie him with a traider is a whole team infection

You don’t need Negan if you have Priya, Mercer or Princess. Alpha is way better and match with Jacki defenses meta.

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Same here… I already have two 6* mateos and im 500 pts away from 6k to get his sclass. Bring on onslaught lol
If you have wangfa, i recommend mateo… The heal reduction is great paired with infection.

It’s very op

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