Battle Pass - Armory Tokens

This weeksn Battle Pass missions include collecting Armory Tokens, is there going to be a way of collecting more this week like the Torches? Or an event giving them as rewards?

Cant see that this has been asked before… I did search lol, Tried looking on dicord but i’ll be buggered if you can find anything on there with out reading ever. single. thing.


if u spend buy daily offer for tokens $1 well worth it for insta make

Onslaught will likely have some


Hopefully, i’ve replayed the map and getting next to nothing drop

Ya, you’d be right to think so like a month ago but recently armory tokens be pouring! Your best luck to get some good amount for free is from wars if you haven’t completed those missions yet but they’ve been also selling some tokens on daily offers for a pretty cheap price also

Arena if you have loads of tokens to waste

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If you did not open the Total War rewards yet, there’s loads of armory tokens there…

With both the normal weekly missions and now the weekly BP ones, I’m sitting on everything and waiting to open. Use Scopes against Scopes :+1: :rofl:

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i give you some tokens. best $1 offer tbh

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