Battle chests need an update!

When will the battle chests be updated? I just cashed in 103 and got supply point basic tokens and 3 Burt’s. Basic tokens are as useful as a nippleless tit and the only thing I buy with supply tokens are cans as I already have the toons for purchase. Take out basic tokens all together and throw in some elite item tokens or more elite toon tokens. Fix this please.


I cashed in around 400 last night, no Aden’s at all. Mostly the usual garbage basic tokens and SD points. It’s been due an update forever. On the upside, plenty of burrs for the week of level ups :roll_eyes:

Last war i got 4 adens, this time none, just a couple of burts and a few thousant supply points.

Shite. its about time they sorted the basic tokens too, theyre hardly a reward

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