Battle Chests have to be reworked

So sick of getting Basic Tokens in battle chests. They have no place there! We get them already from just being in matches. War refills would be nice, higher quantity for supply points? Higher chance of better rewards based on a tier system?


Hmmm, this idea is too good, where is the catch?


I’m sure the truelly impressive rewards would be if you subscribe to this or that

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This topic continues to be ignored by scopley, it’s been requested many times. I’d like to see lilths and uylesis, war cans, maybe small amount of 5* tokens instead of basic tokens. I’d rather receive 1 5* token then basic tokens unless they update those. So many different things they could do with this and they just won’t, plain and simple.


Swap supply depot tokens which are pretty useless now due to store been out of date…to League tokens.
Or add mod boxes and a Lilliths, Ulysses and Adens to supply depot

Basic tokens could be upgraded to make them only give toons and trainers… like Burts and Brady’s.

More elite character tokens as th4 chances of getting something good are very slim untill 40th pull and chances of that been a ascendable…slim.

It’s too much work for Scopley :weary:

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