Battle chest from war

Please remove basic tokens from the battle chest i had just over 100 from war this weekend and 65 of them had basic tokens there is no need for them apart from the weapons it gives so you can break down for parts but there all over the game anyway why not try gettine players excited about war and there battle chests @kalishane is this something that can be looked at as i doubt a single person is happy with them in there


I would like to see these revamped as well. Give us useful stuff. War cans. Trainers. Maybe more supply points. It takes so long to try and work up to 55k to pull a toon from there. It wouldn’t be so bad if they refreshed more often than once a week but if you want a toon and don’t have the supply points it takes forever before you may ever get it again. But I hate the basic tokens. You usually just end up with garbage weapons or 1* toons that aren’t even worth using for level up. @kalishane please tell us this is something that can be updated!!!


I made a topic about this before as well and got no response from @kalishane. I hope you get one cause it really is needed, the crates are terrible overall but the basic tokens are worthless and frankly insulting at this point.


Support 100%

Basic tokens are absolutely worthless. Unless we can start trading them for something (like 100 basics = 1 elite or something) then they’re just a slap in the face as war “rewards”.


I love it when your the MVP and your crates give you 2 or 4 basic tokens. Weeeee


They could replace it with ascendance medals js.


Up you go.


@kalishane can something be done about this already?

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I pretty much made this exact some post on the old forums. We already get basic tokens from winning or losing every match, as well as more tokens from each individual fight in a match. There is NO good reason for these crappy tokens to still be in the battle chests. Take them out, add in medals and/or Ulysses, and double all the values of supply points while you’re at it.

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I hope they add some purpose to basic and helper tokens.
They give so much clutter and crap, I don’t even bother to claim them anymore.

In my opinion, they should replace more than that. The Basic Tokens should be Elite Character Tokens, the Burt, a Brady, the Elite Character and Elite Weapon Tokens, a case with role trainers and a case with the basic trainers. The Aden has to stay.

Could not have hit the nail harder on the head than this. So much from this game is unchanged from its inception and has not kept up with the changing economy.

Yep, everything needs an update. Like said previously the structure of rewards tokens and such are from 2 years ago lol. The game economics have changed.

They should update the basic tokens.

Also, the RNG system… I opened over 150 battle chests this war and only got 1 Aden, a friend opened like 50 and got 4 Adens. FML haha