Battle Bonus Update - 9/14


With the launch of Leagues, some players are not seeing their Battle Bonus being applied correctly to their trophy rewards when completing PvP activities. If you are experiencing this issue, the easiest way to fix it is by changing your Offense Team to your Defense Team. You don’t need to keep this Defensive assignment after your Battle Bonus has changed to reflect the correct number.


Or maybe, just once, release something that isn’t broken.


You won’t never ever see that.


Im not getting league points for territories but getting them for raids and wsr


I’m also not getting points for territories.


yes teritories trophies are not shown and not added also to the total number of trophies


same, no territories trophies. not surprised since territories have never worked right anyway…


teritories trophies are working half way now !

You will not see those in the rewards screen but those ae added in the total trophies count !

if some one can check and verify plz


I just checked it’s working but doesn’t show on screen…thanks for headup!!!


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