Batten down the hatches

Since the update I got this bug where my batten down the hatches can’t be cleared. When this happens it also prevents my you got lucky mission from coming back. It’s driving me nuts and it’s preventing me from reaching the 2 million points milestone twice now.

Gold missions stay there, they don’t go away, until you do the mission, that’s when it will go away :smiley::smiley:

It is though.

I’ve never gotten that mission before, never even knew it existed…

My gold mission is almost always there. Even when I abort it. Dont think its a bug, I think it’s just how they programmed it. But what do I know. Half the “bugs” they have “fixed” lately were never viewed as bugs by the players.

Well shit… So I have to do this mission or let it expire. I just want my damn mission back. Thanks guys, sorry I look like a noob now

You can let it expire. It will cool down for a bit and come back. If you have several other missions going on, especially long term ones, often if you abort them then more missions will become available.

That’s exactly what I normally do to get the mission back. In this case I’ve aborted them all and it won’t come back. It’s been like this since the update and I thought this was the problem clearly it’s not.

Ya it sucks but good missions don’t go away when you abort them :frowning: