Basic tokens potential solution

As a 2+ year daily player, I am sure I am not alone in thinking basic tokens have literally no usage in the game any longer, but yet are still the most abundant “prize” token. They drop from raids, wars, in war crates, as daily reward and acheivement prizes… They are everywhere. But yet, the tokens offer little to no value outside of dropping fodder 1* for the endless stream of level ups. And for a player like me, who doesn’t like a cluttered desk, so to speak, opening the multitude of tokens and selling the junk is just tedious.

So, the proper way to address a problem is to propose a solution, and here it goes. The supply Depot and supply points. The coding already exists to turn unused or unspent “tokens” into supply points. We see it every token event, when unused prize tokens are exchanged for supply points. Plus, it would not impact a revenue stream since I am fairly certain nobody buys basic tokens. Ever. Supply points are earned in game, and the concept of transferring basic tokens into supply points actually supports players earning in game. And by earning, I mean buying raid and world cans, warring more to earn the tokens, etc.

Can we see a solution to this issue within the next few updates? To me, seems fairly seamless. The coding exists, just turn it on. Please?


God I hope you’re right about that.
Also I like the idea, honestly I don’t care what solution they come up with for basic tokens I just want A solution. Any solution. I despise basic tokens as currently constructed. @agrajag @kalishane please hook us up with some type of revamp or exchange of basic tokens.

just make the content of the token more up to date… no more 1*, possible 4*, some trainers, etc


I’d honestly be happy even if they only changed the % chance of getting a 1 star item with the 2 star counterpart. So 2 stars have the highest percentage, 3 stars 2nd highest, and 1 stars would be the lowest percentage and least likely to get when pulling. Just so sick of pulling countless 1 star junk that I just sell anyway. Adding some new stuff would be welcome as well.

I opened 400 a few events ago and almost lost the will to live mulching the 1* garbage that dropped.

I like the idea. Alternatively a museum collection that resets every month and allows 999 trade ins.

actually I would be already happy if they got rid of the 1* and 2* weapons and make the chances as follows:

35% 1* char
30% 2* char
20% 3* weapon
10% 3* char
5% 4* char

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I have not collected Basic or “Helper” tokens in over 6 months. The last time I did, I opened almost 1300 basic tokens and got about 1250 1* garbage. And I still had 99+… Guaranteed I have over 3-4 thousand sitting in there now, and they will continue to sit there until $copely revamps this god awful wheel. It actually wasn’t too bad the way it used to be. At least the number of 2*s was MUCH better… Then, $copely being $copely, they “fixed” the basic and helper wheels and made them “BETTER”!!! Just roll it back to before you “fixed” it and I would be happier…

Remove one stars, add four stars, add elite character tokens, keep everything else the same , boom, send my check to the usual place scopely - Ghobraham Lincoln

Agree something needs to be done on basic tokens I think it’s over 6 months since I did pulls on there hate to think how many tokens I have but nothing of interest in there to pull for.

the new chances should be
60% 2 star
20% 3 star
19% 4
1% 5 star
so people will at least be trying for something

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Like that its almost an elite token

but not :ok_hand:

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I once was opening about 500 tokens. Was watching TV not paying attention. Bought 10 tokens for 1000g. Devastating. I’d remove them completely.

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