Basic Tokens Nerfed Again?


So a couple of days ago I was getting 2* and 3* toons only from these basic tokens. Now i opened up some today and its back to crap 1* and 1* weapons. The way it was before was perfect. Bring it back okay.


Sounds like you were a lucky dog, basic tokens aren’t normally supposed to be that way :sunglasses:


I’ve noticed this too… :expressionless:


A long time ago I might have written this off as random and bad luck. After the Viktor promo bug I begin to question whether any of the wheels operate on the same chances as they did the day before.


It came from one of their updates actually. Probably a month ago or so now.


Interesting. I haven’t pulled basic tokens in a long, long time.


I did for last level up, got shit mostly


There are waaaaaaaaaay more weapons coming from those tokens than there used to be. I always save mine for faction levels and damned if they didn’t screw me again.


Indeed. I don’t cash them in very often but needed toons for a recent level up. Very surprised to find I only got one or two toons from a ten pull. It wasn’t that poor before.