Basic tokens are useless


1 blitz war, 24 hours, 218 useless space clogging wastes of time to get rid of basic tokens. Hey, Player, you won a war here is a battle chest! Hey Player, enjoy the RTS equivalent of a penny for your effort. Here is your basic tokens. Something needs to be done with these spam devices to make them remotely valuable.

I have presented an idea on this very forum a few times, to no response. Let’s have an option to trade in unused basic tokens for supply points. The coding exists already, because unused special event tokens become supply points after the event ends. After a war ends, let that be an option as well. Trade in your hated basic tokens for supply points.

What needs to be done to make this happen? Will anyone from Scopely ever comment on this idea? Odds are 1% yes, 95% 3*…


Or just revamp basic tokens. Get rid of 1* stuff. If it was mostly 2* toons, at least that is feasible for level ups.


Yeah many people have compliaed here. Nothing has come from it. Would love to get rid of basic tokens and make it ascending medals or something. Atleast something useful


I have almost 5000 basic tokens I would love to trade them In for two supply depot trainers…no joke


This thread title is wrong

Basic tokens are still useless

We’ve been moaning about this for months


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