Basic Tokens are still Trash

This isn’t the first post on the matter, see below, but basic tokens are utter trash. They’ve been worthless since the 6★ era over one year ago and shouldn’t even feature in the same sentence as the word reward. To get this as a “reward” in both war battles and war crates is ridiculous when they are so many other in game items that could be used in their place.

Seriously Scopely, ditch the basic tokens or give us a way to trade them in for something better - preferably at more than ten at a time, because right now no one is pulling basic tokens for risk of early onset arthritis…

A little history showing this really has been too long:
Dec’ 17:







(and that was just what I found searching for “basic tokens worthless”)


There’s LOTS of things that need a revamping in this game.

1-star weapons and toons - get rid of them altogether.

2 and 3 star toons - get rid of the character toons. Keep the Burts, Bradys and persona trainers. Come up with generic persona survivors - 2 and 3 star versions of each - basically only used for leveling characters. Remove the ability to ascend a 3star into a 4star.

4-star toons and tokens - get rid of the tokens. Keep the 4star toons as the base usable characters as they will be used up in ascension as players advance. Increase drop rate on higher world stages

Training Grounds - overhauled to incorporate above changes

Basic and Helper Rewards - Get rid of them

Elite Item Tokens - Add all legendary gear. Get rid of elite rare gear. Have a set token amount, maybe 100, for each time your factions supporter was used. 3-star territories now give out a higher rate of elite item tokens.

War Crates - Each war crate becomes an Elite Item Token pull. Have all the same items or each war crate is 2000 elite item tokens. If there is a special token wheel, have a small chance at those tokens as well. For example, a small chance at 5 or 10 victory tokens if it were this last war

Scavenger Camps - Get rid of all those dumb wood missions. Make a million wood for a day, 2 million for 2 days. Shorten the AR missions. Add an AS mission. Add some for elite item tokens. If you are gonna have us tie up a scavenger mission for a week it better for for a gps and/or a canteen.

Depots - really evaluate the prices. 4300 supply markers for a basil but 57k survival markers for a basil? That makes no sense. Add 1 million food and 1 million wood in the gear depot. IF GEAR COLLECTIONS ARE NO LONGER HAPPENING INCREASE AMOUNT OF GEAR AVAILABLE AND LOWER PRICES. That goes for the league store too

Ascendable Tokens/Wheel - Ascension is over a year old now. It’s time. Make them 30k or 40k for a pull. All free toons added immediately. Collection toons added 3-6 months after release (Bryan for example). Premier toons added 6-12 month after release

Despite Scopely’s blatant cash grab, this game could still be good game if they can understand that as they advance the game, each aspect should be evaluated and advanced accordingly.


Basic tokens.

The clue is in the name.

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Scopely just can’t change the wheel because players who have claimed their tokens already will be angry ,
However they can make another basic tokens types and another wheel , and put a timer to the current wheel like 3 months and then it disappear for ever .

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Honestly with this one?

Thats like saying anyone who has pulled their basic tokens over the course of the last 3 years would be pissed and seemingly entitled to be by the sound of your post about it getting changed and them pulling before…

Thats literally everyone an just dumb to say…

Must of missed the huge uproar over the change in 5 * tokens seeing everyone had been pulling from that wheel for years…

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Sorry, but there is no money in basic tokens. Scopes not interested in it.

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I’ve never collected a single basic token in the three years I’ve been playing. Bc as its been stated countless times they’re totally worthless.
I agree, they definitely need a big time update. They need to add 6* trainers and maybe 4* weapons to it as well as gear

I’d also like to add to that and say Helper Tokens also need a update!!! Bc there is NOTHING helpful about them! What would be helpful is toss out everything that’s 1* out of it and add 6* trainers and gear.
But this is $¢opely, so I won’t hold my breath.

I mentioned putting in og 5*’s in there before 6*’s came out.

Also it was mentioned when I was in the regular threads. That might of been when my suspensions started cause it was thoughtful to make the tokens useful for a change, but everyone here knows how constructive post get treated here.


The “rewards” are utter garbage. When you pull 10 basic tokens at a time, you end up with about 600 worth of food. You get better rewards just from running any world stage after level 8. Selling 100 1* weapons gives you enough food to level up a 5* toon maybe one level.
These tokens need to be revamped like now. There is no way these should still be given out as war rewards, because it is a smack in the face to anyone who’s played this game for more than a month. When I opened all my war crates after this war, about 75% were basic tokens. So after a whole weekend of warring, I ended up with about 6 burts and 8 worthless 3* weapons and 100s of worthless basic tokens. That really leaves a bad taste in my mouth after all the years of effort I’ve put into this game.

Are you listening @JB.Scopely?

Stop pumping out new premiers, take a month, catch the game up.

Take this entire thread “to the team”.


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