Basic tokens and war crates

Why are there basic tokens in war crates if you give away basic tokens for participation for in a war? Most of the heavy war participants have literally zero need of basic tokens. 1* characters do nothing for level ups, especially in the era of six stars. Plus, you have to win a war to get a crate. The prizes in the crates should be better than what you can get for losing a war… Basic tokens are the participation medals of RTS. Add more supply points, gear tokens or even FA tickets. But please, just do away with basic tokens.


I would love to see the prizes get changed. Like when they give us smelling salts. I would much rather have them give us something we can exchange for food. I don’t think many people use battle items anymore. And if we do we have a surplus since we have so much wood. I would love to see them give out more depot points. They make it so hard to save up to get a toon out of the depot. It can take months to save up enough to get 55k supply points. Just would love to see these rewards get an overhaul.