Basic tokens and other things


Does anyone ever get anything other then 1★crap? How about elite weapons tokens, every get a great weapon? Just wondering because going on the third year I have to say no to both.


Basic tokens net me a few 3 star weapons and characters and some 2 star weapons and characters but I get probably 90-95% 1 star stuff from them. I have never, not even once, received a 5 star character from a elite fighter token and i usually always get 3 stars there. Weapon tokens are almost all 3 star weapons probably 98-99% for me.


Occasional 3* from basic but i gave up with them a long time ago.
Helper tokens, similar, i occasionally open them but always disappointed!

Been lucky enough to get 2 5* from elite tokens, but that’s in 2 years, nearly always 3*s

Never had anything better than 3* weapons either


Would have liked it better if they gave more toons vs weapons at least those help (minimally) in level up


I probably get 35% 1 Star weapons, 30% 1 Star characters, 20% 2 star characters, 13% 2 star weapons, 1% 3 star weapons, 1% 3 star characters.


Basic tokens I mainly get 1 and 2* toons sometimes a 3* toon will surprise me, elite weapons tokens is 99.9% 3*. The 4* tokens I’ve never pulled an alert or fast weapon, it’s always 4* tuff or strong weapons for me from 4* tokens.


Basic tokens are useless!! I sent a suggestion in months ago to have a trade in option for basics. Trade in 100 basics, get one Elite Weapon token, trade in 50 for supply points, 500 for 250 coins, etc. They don’t help with level ups, they don’t help with weapon crafting since breaking down 1 star weapons gets you trash components. And I have hundreds of useless basic tokens after every war. It’s pointless.