Basic Token Revamp


Can we get a change to basic tokens like at minimum removing one or two star weapons. Maybe putting a few simple four stars or four star trainers in?


Yes please! We know the lower weapons help newer players accumulate resources, but most of your player base is older. This is just a waste of time for us.


After the token wheel update, basic tokens sure took a turn for the worse. Allmost only getting 1* weps and toons, and allmost no 2* toon.

Before basic tokens was a good way to get 2s. 1s aint worth the food it cost to use em for lvl ups.


They work for ar levels, so there is at least some value in them, I am more upset that it seems to be about 70% weapons now, since 1 and 2 star weapons are pretty much completely useless at this point.


I agree - it’s more weapons than anything else. I will say I have noticed an increase in three star weapons as well as three star toons from it at least. I am pleased with that. It’s when I pull 100 tokens and of that 100, 70 are weapons, it’s frustrating.


i agree, there is no value to them (if there ever was any).

i dont even bother opening them, i dread to think how many thousands of them i have now.


That is true, however since they only work for 5 star AR levels (not 6 star) even that benefit is rapidly diminishing. I’m already at the point that I will no longer be introducing any 5 stars to either my attack or defense teams and already have everything I need to complete survival road so I actually don’t bother levelling 5 star toons AR anymore!

We do need things that benefit a range of experience levels but I also feel that even if the bar was upped to a minimum of a two star it’d be far from game breaking!


Plus you can always farm the weapons if you really need them.


The only benifit they have now is to complete the open recruits and rewards 3 times daily mission. If you can’t make basic tokens better then before can we atleast get them to be the same as before ?


I think the streak breakers they added to the premiere and elite character token wheels have worked well. They should try adopting it to others wheels as well but lowering the frequency of the break being triggered as the quality of the wheel lowers. For example, every 5 (maybe 10?) pulls on basic and helper could guarantee a 3* character or weapon. Those two tokens sections ARE filled with a lot of crap but honestly I feel that’s just how it’s meant to be.