Basic Token Millionaire

Between BP crates and that first stage of the honey roadmap, Im the Jeff Bezos of basic tokens.

If only there were to be a planned update to the basic token pull…


How would you want to update basic tokens? As a source of fodder they do the job fairly well imo

All the other wheels need work though


Reduce the amount of weapons u get from it maybe? Otherwise yeah liking all the new 3* & 4* trainers we’re currently getting :+1:


Nice to see I’m not the only one who hordes tokens lol.

I’d like to see some more 5*s added to it. More specifically ones needed for old collections and some Ascendables added to it.
Idk why but for some reason the only ones I ever pull are green Zeke & Carrie, blue Rosita, Mark, Darius and red Lee & Clem.

I’d also like to see a 10 pull option added instead of always having to do a 100 pull. Wish they’d add a single pull option to the 5* tokens while their at it.


They should implement all these things.

It would be great if they dropped weapons entirely, frankly those are just spots that something better could show up in.

Of course we know these are all pipe dreams, scopely will never make this token better

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This is a new side effect since battlepass and now the bear storyline from all of these basic tokens. I was going to wait again to 1M 5* to use them, but now I don’t even care about them now.

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I’d keep my mouth closed and never mention the basic token wheel again because this really is as good as it gets and any further tinkering with it will just make it worse. Its what they do.


Damn, I didn’t think of that. You never know with them. Why can’t I keep my big mouth shut :man_facepalming:

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I actually ran out of basic tokens lol crazy

id be really happy if you could give me some of those tokens you don’t want :rofl:

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W o w (7 char)

Basic tokens are totally gold for hardcore scorers of level up

I use the weapons for disassembly or sale for supply depot tokens. No need to remove them, as far as I’m concerned, though reducing the odds by a third wouldn’t hurt if it meant more (useful) 5* coming through

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